Monday, April 22, 2013


another chilly week here in kansas! they are even saying snow, ugh. we haven't started our gardens yet - other than pulling a few weeds and planting my hanging baskets, and troy mowed for the first time. i have a few tulips and daffodils blooming too. so it sort of looks like spring. and our daughter emma had her 1st communion yesterday :)

packages keep rolling in for the denyse schmidt charm swap!

i realized the other day that i'll be sorting 6272 charms.  ok, written down, that sounds insane. if you've never hosted a swap before, i probably just guaranteed that you won't in the future. haha! there are 112 yards of denyse schmidt fabric being cut up into charms. just doing our part to keep fabric makers in business.  if you're in the swap and haven't sent your charms yet, don't forget the deadline is may 1st.

we have a kcmqg swap coming up too. the only requirements are that it can't be a potholder, mug rug, or pincushion (because we've swapped those before) i'm thinking a tote would be fun, but i'm not sure i will have time to get anything done before the next meeting. i suppose i should get to work! i am catching up on bee blocks and working on a super fun secret project. what are you working on this week?


Sara said...

For some reason I can only comment on your blog through blogger and not bloglovin. Weird!

I remember my first communion like it was yesterday for some reason. I remember I received a rosary from my grandmother and it was a wonderful sunny day.

Hope you get through all those DS charms so you can play Words with Friends- LOL!!!

jan said...

Your children are adorable Tammie!
Can't wait until we get our charms back! If I was there I'd help you sort them!

Wendz said...

Hi, this is a call for help. Two of the blocks in my quilting bee month have gotten lost in the post. I need to replace the fabrics in order to make up two replacement blocks. Do you know of any supplier/anyone willing to sell some DS Meadowlark to help me. I've listed a photograph here


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