Wednesday, April 10, 2013

this and that

this month is already flying by!  i've had a little time to do some stitching though. a block here, a block there. and i started a quick project.

i began with this stack of FQ from my stash. most of the prints are dear stella petal pushers, but i swapped a girl on flickr for the owls, which are an older alexander henry print.

then i used the colorblock quilt pattern from bijou lovely. this is a great pattern to highlight fabrics you don't want to cut into bits. plus it's fast, which is a bonus for a baby quilt.

it would be finished, except the yellow i chose from my stash for my center strip was cut crooked on both ends. by the time i squared it up, it was a few inches short of what i needed. i have the greens in the picture, they work too, but i'd like to stick with yellow. i'd also like to avoid piecing the center strip. marmalade fabrics will be at our guild meeting tomorrow night, so i'm hoping i can find something there that will work.

and yesterday i started on a tank top for me! yes, you read that right. i am selfishly making something just for me. i'm trying the new look pattern (6026) out on an older robert kaufman kitschy kitchen print. but if it fits well, i have 2 yards of denyse schmidt meadowlark floral, waiting on the sidelines. so far so good, i just need to finish the straps. the pattern is kind of confusing but i'm figuring it out. also, pattern sizing makes me feel quite fat. so thanks, pattern people. :)

and here's a quick share. emma wrote and illustrated a story for the PBS Kids writer's contest! I am mailing it off today(the very last day for submissions, of course) and crossing my fingers for her. they show some of the stories during the after school programs, and i'd be so excited for her to see her story on tv! plus i'm just super proud of her for doing this on her own.


jan said...

Congrats Emma on her story! Whether it gets picked or not she is a winner for writing it!! Love the tank top too, let me know how it goes! I always have a hard time finding a pattern to fit my well rounded self! lol

Sara said...

Darn it! I hate that when I am a tad short on fabric for a quilt:(

Yeay for the tank top for yourself!! I agree on pattern sizes being weird.

I hope your daughter's story is a success:)


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