Friday, April 26, 2013

what can i say, i'm a joiner

so i joined the local pieces and patches quilt guild! i'd been to a couple of their special events, but hadn't attended any meetings. (they meet in the mornings, which requires a baby sitter.)

last month, jenifer was giving a trunk show and applique workshop, so i made arrangements to be there. she's a great speaker and teacher!

it was fun seeing some of jenifer's more traditional quilts, as well as her latest, more modern ones. and then i took her invisible applique workshop (for the 2nd time), and i think i finally have the technique down!

this month's meeting was yesterday, and we had a miniature quilt show from florence milliman. (shout out to my bff stacey for watching the boys!)

she does amazingly teensy paper piecing! seriously, look at these minis. she said there's usually more fabric on the back than the front.

sorry for the blurry pic!
we have a quilt show coming up, for the annual square fair may 11. i'm planning to show a couple of quilts, but i need to add sleeves to them for hanging. i'm going to try to get those done this weekend, plus one of them needs a label! i also promised i'd run a 5K saturday morning, so here's hoping i don't injure myself. have a great weekend everyone!

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Sara said...

OH sounds like your friend Stacy is a great friend indeed to you for watching your kiddos!

The quilt guild you belong to looks to be wonderful with great speakers and such.

That paper piecing is something else!

Good Luck at the 5K:):)


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