Wednesday, May 29, 2013

3rd Revolution

Have you guys heard about 3rd Revolution?

It's a new photo sharing website geared towards makers of all kinds of things, from quilting to custom built motorcycles! Their description is "One place to organize, showcase and collaborate on the awesome things you make."

I was asked to review the site, and so I set up my account and added a few past projects. This didn't take long, it's very user friendly. 

They make it easy to add photos from a variety of places - you can upload from your computer, or link it to your dropbox, instagram, facebook, and more!

You can follow people whose work you admire, and see their updates on your newsfeed (similar to facebook). You can also comment on projects, so there's some interaction. If you decide to join (it's free!) be sure to look me up, we can follow each other!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

when chickens move in

So, I realized I never shared our family's newest additions.

Chickens! The kids named this one Sunshine.

Sunshine :)

There's also Mercy, Gretchen, Samantha, Charlotte, & Yoshi.

So. We have chickens now.

Poor Sunshine met an unfortunate end by our black lab, Einstein. I feel terrible about it, as I was the one who left them unprotected, and really never thought he would do such a thing.  She was the friendliest chick.  I thought they were safe, because we'd been keeping them in our mudroom and garage. It was really hard to look Einstein in the face for a day or two.

It also meant we had to rethink our coop plans. We were going to do a tractor, which is a portable coop that allows the chicken access to fresh grass and bugs with each new spot. We were going to let them roam the yard during the day. With our dog's blood thirst (not to mention our neighbor's Boxer who comes over to play, and another's bird dog...) we changed our minds about free range.

Mercy is an Americauna. (Sunshine was as well) He was recommended by the nice man helping me at Orschelen's. She will lay pale green and blue eggs. I can't wait for that!

Gretchen & Yoshi are both Plymouth Barred Rocks. They are smaller, and I can tell them apart because Gretchen has a larger black band across her beak.

Samantha & Charlotte are Black Stars. They are the biggest of the five, and it will be interesting to see how their personalities match up to their bodies.

building the coop

Troy took a few days off work and tried out his new nail guns on this project. (We are planning a remodel and storage shed, so the purchase was the first step) I even used them, and it was very empowering! Look at me, building things!  I have been poring over Ana White's site, planning loft beds...

 Daddy's helper

even Sawyer helped!

The coop didn't actually cost us that much to make. We had a lot of the lumber left over from other projects, and so we only had to buy chicken wire and cedar planks, and a few other bits. We reused some old windows from the shed, leftover hinges, and rusty tin for the roof. Pack rat validation!

Since I'm #notgoingtomarket we built a chicken coop! Power tools are awesome!

Our biggest concern was keeping critters out. I knew I would grow attached to these dumb birds, so I don't want them to end up coyote snacks. Troy is more concerned about raccoons - they are crafty and smart. I made a plea for a llama (did you know they will protect your chickens?) but Troy turned me down.

The coop works as a kid cage too! #whenchickensmovein

The plan is to have the coop in place this weekend. I am excited to be able to watch them run around - chicken tv! They will be so much happier than in the tank in the garage. And I will be able to show you how much they've grown in such a short time!

I won't bore you with "how to" for chickens - if you're interested though, here's a few links to some things i enjoyed.

reinventing the chicken coop
backyard chickens
when chickens move in
chicken coop 101

peep peep!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival!

I love the Blogger's Quilt Festival at Amy's Creative Side! It's a fun show and tell of beautiful quilts. Plus I usually find lots of new blogs I want to read, and quilts I want to make!

For this time around, I decided to share my Madrona Road challenge quilt in the quilt photographer category. I am by no means a great photographer, but the colors in the quilt were really set off by the sky in these pictures. 

I am still so in love with this quilt! I made it thinking I would give it to my niece, but I already started her another one :)

This quilt was made with Oh, Fransson's Sparkle Punch pattern, although I scaled the blocks down a little. I used Madrona Road prints, as well as some Kona, Cotton Couture, and Grunge. It measures about 40" x 50". I stitched it with Aurifil thread in light gray, and quilted it myself with straight lines.

For the back I used In Color Order's Giant Vintage Star pattern.

Photographing it in the Kansas wind was a challenge - here's one of the blooper shots!

This was a fun quilt to make. Hope you enjoyed it too!


I am so excited to tell you about my friend's new fabric shop, CucireElizabeth and I are both members of the KCMQG, and she is adorable and funny and makes beautiful quilts.

Elizabeth describes her new shop as "a carefully curated collection of high quality threads, fine fabrics, and sewing notions." Cucire (pronouned coo-CHEER-uh) is an Italian word meaning 'to sew'. Italians are known for their fashion and commitment to high quality goods, perfect inspiration for a fabric retail shop!

To help celebrate her grand opening, she has Art Gallery Solids on sale for $8 a yard through June 1st! She has a great selection of voiles, shot cottons, grunge, and solids, with jersey knits coming soon. Don't forget the thread - she has a large variety, including Aurifil, which is my favorite.  Plus a notions section too!

She also has a special giveaway for you guys!

There are 4 fat quarters of Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks Four Square Voile, 1 large spool of 50 wt. white Aurifil thread, and a package of titnium-coated topstitch needles from Superior Threads in size 70/10.

Have you sewed with voile before? It is so soft. Just lovely.

Aurifil 50 weight is perfect for sewing and quilting. You will love it. I promise. :)

OK, the details. Please use the rafflecopter widget to record your entries. Just leaving a blog comment doesn't enter you to win. US shipping only (sorry!) The lucky winner will be drawn in one week, and notified by email.

A big thanks to Elizabeth for such a great giveaway! Be sure to like Cucire on facebook to hear about sales and new fabrics!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

paper piecing

One fun thing about testing blocks for Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks is the variety of techniques I get to try. You might paper piece one block, then applique the next.  Lately I've been getting into paper piecing, and I love how precise and crisp points can be!  I signed up for a pp class this summer with Penny Layman (of sew take a hike)! Yay! I also just joined a paper piecing bee on flickr. (because I am insane and think I have way more free time than I actually do.)

This paper pieced block is called Santa Fe Star, for obvious reasons :) Block #615 by Eileen Fowler. I'm going to quilt it and make a pillow for my Nana, who loves this kind of stuff.

another block that used some paper piecing is #621, Point Taken, by Pam McMahon.  I hadn't thought of combining paper piecing with patchwork, but it's an easy way to make those triangle points!

don't forget about the giveaway for a copy of Vol. 7! you can go here to enter, or just scroll down to the next post ;) and be sure to check out all of the other giveaway at sew,mama,sew!

Monday, May 6, 2013

giveaway time!

giveaway is over - thanks!
ah, giveaway day. time to grab a cup of coffee and spend an enjoyable morning visiting lots of new blogs and entering to win amazing prizes.

if you're new here, welcome! my name is tammie, and i try to make something every day. as a busy momma, sewing in bits and pieces is the only way i get anything done. i often host giveaways and fabric swaps, so be sure to follow me so you don't miss out on any of the fun!

today i have a copy of the new Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 7 for one lucky winner! i'll also include some FQs of vintage sheet fabric from my huge collection. :)

to enter, choose entry options from the rafflecopter widget below. i'd love to know your favorite potluck side dish, we have several BBQs coming up and i need some new ideas! (just leaving a comment doesn't enter you, you still need to use the rafflecopter to record your entry.) US shipping only, giveaway ends may 10 at 5pm PST, and winners will be notified by email. good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

block show & tell

Quiltmaker's blog tour for 100 Blocks Vol. 7 continues all week - don't forget to check in daily and visit the different stops! Here's another block I tested for the issue, this one is called Spinwheel and it's by Cindy Lammon.

i also want to share a project i learned about recently. if you have orphan blocks you don't know what to do with, there's a group collecting them to make quilts for people undergoing chemo. you can read more about it at their blog, quilts for chemo.

here's some other blocks i've been working on. april for bee vintage, lattice blocks for emily:

and garden gate blocks for pam:

now to get to the post office...


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