Wednesday, May 29, 2013

3rd Revolution

Have you guys heard about 3rd Revolution?

It's a new photo sharing website geared towards makers of all kinds of things, from quilting to custom built motorcycles! Their description is "One place to organize, showcase and collaborate on the awesome things you make."

I was asked to review the site, and so I set up my account and added a few past projects. This didn't take long, it's very user friendly. 

They make it easy to add photos from a variety of places - you can upload from your computer, or link it to your dropbox, instagram, facebook, and more!

You can follow people whose work you admire, and see their updates on your newsfeed (similar to facebook). You can also comment on projects, so there's some interaction. If you decide to join (it's free!) be sure to look me up, we can follow each other!

1 comment:

Beth Bastian said...

Cool site! Thanks for the review.


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