Thursday, June 20, 2013

meet snowball.

at the end of may, we adopted a tiny 6 week old kitten from our friend. the momma cat had abandoned 4 kitties and she was feeding them with a medicine dropper. the kids fell in love with the teensy things, so we brought one home. i had to feed her 2 tsp. milk every four hours, and then rub her belly til she burped. true story. one night as i did all of this, i was wondering how in the world i ever got talked into this!

This little sweetie now weighs 15 3/8 

oh yeah. i'm a sucker for sweet little babies.

she was kind of sickly, and i really didn't think she'd make it. but she pulled through, and has gone from 9 ounces to 15 3/8 oz. and is an eating machine! she's off the milk and on kitten chow now. she has a fat little belly too. antibiotic drops cleared up her eye infection, and she looks happy instead of pitiful.

and the kids love her. they carry her everywhere, fight over her, and build lego houses for her to sit in. she's ridden in the barbie car, and has her own cardboard box fort in the garage. after a week of name changes, they decided on Snowball.(which was emma's first choice. aj just needed it to seem like his idea)

New kitty :)

the chickens (now 12, we lost Charlotte two nights ago) are all in the coop and fun to watch. a snake was in the coop last night, a huge black snake! troy and i tried to kill it (mostly troy, i held the light and stayed as far away as possible) but it slithered under the frame, behind all the rocks piled around the outside of the coop to deter predators from digging. he was gone this morning, hopefully far far away from here.

i'm hoping to get some sewing done this weekend in between softball games! what are your weekend plans?


Samantha said...

She is sooooo cute!

Colleen said...

I got my late cat Opus at 6 weeks and he lived to be almost 15. I leash trained him and he was my baby! Such a cutie you have!

Colleen said...

Snowball is such a cutie pie.
Want another? Got a black and white one that I would love to find a good home for it to go to. Been raising one since it was 4 weeks old; born in April. She is quite the kitten, so playful and loves to sit on ones lap; hence it's name 'laptop'.

Dee said...

Bless you for being the best kind of mommy! The kind that will do all of those things for her family and then blog about it with a sweet attitude!


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