Saturday, July 27, 2013


Seems like July is all about the fairs. We have our town fair, and then back to back county fairs. (we live on the county line, so we usually try to go to events in both)

Our town fair is always so much fun. They do such a great job! The library and church run concession booths, the Ruritans have game booths for the kids, and every day they have races and events for the kids and grown ups! Things like an egg toss, pie eating, mutton busting, and greased pig contests. And let's not forget the frog and turtle races. The kids love going. Next year they want to enter some of our chickens!

Emma with my 1st place quilt in our town fair :)

I entered two of my quilts I made this past year. There weren't as many entered this year, and I won two blue ribbons! Of course, they were the only quilts in each category, but let's gloss over that, shall we? :)

3rd place :)

Last week was the Anderson County Fair. I entered the same two quilts, and got a third place ribbon on my Sparkle Road quilt! It was nice to get a critique form, it shows I need to work on improving my binding corners. Anyone have a good trick for making perfectly mitered corners?

Into the oven. If all goes well, it'll go in the pie contest at the fair tonight!

And I entered the pie baking contest for the first time, I took 2nd place! I made this apple pie, it's really good. You fill the shell with apples and then cover with a lattice top, and then you pour a caramel syrup all over it, so it soaks into the pie and makes the top crust extra yummy. )Be sure to put it on a cookie sheet with a lip, the syrup can leak out and make a small fire on the bottom of the oven. I used an airbake with no sides, and found this out the hard way) Like a ninny, I forgot to take a picture once it was baked, but I sprinkled a little sanding sugar over the top to make it sparkle.

 I took 2nd! And the pie auctioned for $60! Woo hoo!

After the contest, they auction off the pies to raise money for 4H. There were 25 pies, and they all sold for quite a lot. My pie sold for $60! Such a fun way to raise money!

And because the kids were upset I was giving away a pie, I made them a strawberry pie. Everyone was happy. The end.


Christine Sherman said...

That star quilt is amazing and you deserved a ribbon! One of my favorites!

Jan Manley said...

I love both of those quits.!The pie looks yummy too!

Michele said...

Just wonderful. Congrats of the ribbons.

Tammy said...

Congratulatiosn on those blue ribbons....Yeahhh!!!!


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