Sunday, September 22, 2013

Another week gone by...

and I am still trying to find my blogging groove. We're a month into the new school year and I still don't have an organized schedule!  Of course, there's a lot more going on than usual.

I finally finished sorting and mailing round 2 of the Denyse Schmidt Charm Swap. I ended up with a few extra spots, but it all came together in the end! So if you're sad because you missed out, I could possibly hook you up with a stack of charms...  I made the little pic above for our swap group, but feel free to use it for yourself if you like it.  A huge thanks to everyone who participated in these swaps! I'll let you know if we do round 3, because look how much fun they are mixed together!

My favorite thing about sorting swap charms is seeing how the different lines work together!

Another thing that has switched up my schedule a little is that I started working at the local quilt shop! I happened to be in the shop three weeks ago, with Sawyer, who was giggling, running, and hiding behind the shelves and making it very hard to shop. The owner asked me if I had a babysitter. While my brain tried to decide whether to be offended, he went on to say they were shorthanded for their upcoming sale and wondered if I'd like to help out. What a relief! And, yes, please.

I ended up working two days that first weekend, and we agreed I'd come in on Fridays for a few hours. My husband is usually off on Fridays, so he will be home with Sawyer and here to meet the bus after school. They want me to help with their facebook page, and possibly design their window displays! The funniest thing is that I'd considered asking them for a job, but not until the kids were older. I am on a 2 year plan before I go back to work.  That way all four kids will be in school all day, and Emma will be old enough to watch them for an hour or two after school. They are being very flexible with me and I am having a lot of fun so far! So if you're ever in the area, stop by Country Fabrics on the square in Garnett KS!

Our fall program for my local guild was this month. Patricia Knoechel of Quilt in a Day was here to share blocks from Quilts from El's Kitchen. I love the greens and blues in this version of the quilt, and the blocks are pretty cute too!

They also shared some other quilts made using Quilt in a Day patterns. One super easy idea was making a disappearing nine patch using layer cake squares! Duh, why didn't I ever think of that?!

Our chickens are doing great. Still no eggs though. We got a few more hens from a friend, and one of them is the sweetest softest little doll. She's a white/silver ameracauna, and if you make the mistake of bending down or squatting while she's around, she hops up on your back. The kids think it's hilarious, of course.

The kids love feeding them from their hands and picking them up. Two of the hens turned out to be roosters, so we are looking for a new home for them. Mr. Ruby crows quite enough as it is, I don't need two more noisy boys around here!

Anyways, things are busy but good. We are enjoying the cooler weather and I am hoping to get a few more projects quilted! How's your weekend been?


Nikki McDonald said...

I didn't know you were working in a quilt shop! You have been extra busy, then!

I flew solo most of the weekend because the hubs went to Texas for a business trip & stayed for a KSU football game.

Snuck away to Harper's this afternoon & worked some with my scraps. They tend to multiply.

Now I am recovering with my feet up, waiting for the kids to finish homework & go to sleep so that I can watch Breaking Bad (my guilty pleasure)...

Heather said...

How fun is that!

Of course, you'll need the 25th off!


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