Tuesday, October 22, 2013


this past weekend didn't go quite as I planned. I was going to lay around in my jammies. Maybe watch a movie or two.

Troy took the older kids to cut firewood Saturday afternoon, and I was taking apart an old quilt that I'm repairing for a cousin. I also had fabric laid out on the table, cutting out pattern pieces for a tunic top. Sawyer was taking a nap, and I was enjoying the quiet house.  But then Troy called, said his truck was broke down and they needed a ride. I threw on some sweats and woke up the munchkin, and we headed out to pick them up.

Well, I pulled into town and saw a huge crowd at the park. I noticed some of the kids running along the sidewalk were my nieces and nephews. And I thought, huh. Who's having a party and didn't invite us?! How rude!

this is what 40 really looks like :)
It seriously took me seeing my mom was there before I realized it was a party for me. I'm turning 40 soon, and they managed to pull off a real surprise! I would have bet you a hundred dollars that Troy wasn't planning anything. As evidenced by the fact I had on no makeup, unwashed hair and was wearing sweatpants.

There were people there who I hadn't seen in ages, it was amazing and made me feel really loved. My brother Tom came down from Iowa with his daughter, which means I have gotten to see both of my brothers this month! My bro-in-law brought a trailer full of hay bales, and we all piled on and went for a ride. There were kids everywhere, running and playing and having so much fun. And they had a fab buffet of pulled pork and sides, and a whole table of desserts.  My sis-in-law even brought me an outfit (bra included!) in case I showed up in my pjs. They know me so well.

We tried to take some photos, but we were all laughing at Troy & Jade's suggestions of things to say - "saggy boobies" was really cracking us up for some reason. I don't know how any of them turned out, I didn't have my camera but I'll share them once I get copies.

I spent the rest of the weekend with a big smile on my face, so a huge thank you to all of my family and friends for that! :) Makes turning the big 4-0 next week a little easier.


Kay said...

Congratulations!!! This sounds wonderful. For my 40th I went into mourning for my lost youth and wore black from head to foot all day.

memmens said...

Oh that's brilliant, what a great family you have. Enjoy the rest of your celebrations!

Ella said...

Happy birthday! You're making the 40th celebrations sound fab! (mine are next year)

movita beaucoup said...

Welcome to your 40's.

We've been waiting for you...

Michele said...

Wow. That is just fantastic and hurray to your SIL for bringing the outfit.


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