Thursday, October 17, 2013

chaos, continued...

Did I mention we've been remodeling? Yes, why not. Just add more craziness to the household! Here's a little FYI on our house.

We live in an earth contact home. It is buried on three sides, with the south side exposed. When you pull in our driveway, you see the roof and garage.

From the south, it looks like a normal home.  Our main living area is technically, a walk out basement. This has its benefits living here in Kansas, the temperature stays pretty cool in the summers. If we run the A/C, it's usually because of the humidity.  Some drawbacks are the lack of windows on the north side, and the loss of curb appeal, although, since we live in the country at the end of a dead end road, there's really no one to see it but us!

We bought this place 7 years ago, and have been constantly working on something, making it fit our family's needs. So we added on the mudroom and garage, and added some windows to the upstairs (there was only one - one window, can you imagine how dark it was?!) Troy put in a wood burning stove to help heat it in the winter. After the pipes froze, burst, and flooded the lower level, we turned the one big bathroom into two, one of the best things we've done! It meant giving up the whirlpool tub, but it's a small price to pay for the two toilets. We added cabinets in the kitchen and redid all of the flooring in the house. (and we still plan to paint those cabinets soon!)

looking east
But we still only had three bedrooms on the main (basement) level. This means our daughter is sharing a room with the 3 yo, and the older boys bunk together too. They bicker constantly, get out of bed a gazillion times (I counted) and we finally decided to do something about it.

looking north
Our kitchen/dining/living room were all one open, cavernous space. I've never liked that.  It was a large L shaped mess. Great for big family parties when the kids were babies and needed constant supervision, but not so much anymore. We were only using one half for our family room, and the other half became a toy dumping ground. We decided we could wall that off and create a large bedroom suite for the boys to share.

looking east at the new rooms!
The new rooms needed to be connected to the original bedroom which has a window for a fire escape.  The older boys will have spaces that are pretty small, about 8' x 13', but they will each have a loft bed like this one from Ana White, with a desk underneath and their own closet. And since the ceilings are 9 foot, there's plenty of head room.  The rooms are connected by a pocket door.

looking west
The wiring is finally finished, new recessed lights have been added, and once we get the inspection signed off, we can begin hanging sheetrock. Oh, and we still need to scrape the popcorn ceilings. Yuck. That's one messy job. If anyone has any tips or tricks, we'd love to hear them!

the hallway to the stairs
 We were left with this hallway. That is where we have our "office" area. I am hoping to do something fantastic with that spot next. And of course there's lots of painting in my future.

I did score some new bedding, lights, and rugs at target - marked down dorm stuff! I got all of the stuff for AJ's room for under $30. I'll make him some pillows and we'll be good to go once I figure out the wall colors! Zach also got a new lamp and rug and he'll get pillows too. Sawyer is thrilled to be getting a big bed. I'll post more pics once we get sheetrock up, I can't wait to see it come together!


movita beaucoup said...

My mind is blown. Aaaaaand I feel very, very lazy.

Sara said...

A---MAZING job Tammie! Ya'll have great ideas brewing and I am excited to see it all take shape!


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