Monday, October 7, 2013

happy monday!

Looking for a good charm swap?


There is a cool Alison Glass swap happening now over at flickr. There are still several spots open, and this swap only requires one yard of fabric! I signed up for 4 spots, shh, don't laugh at me.  I know I still need to use my charms from the Denyse Schmidt swaps.

My fabrics for the @alisonglass charm swap over on flickr. There are still a few spots left, so check it out! #charmswap

Here's the fabrics I am using. Bike Path in dahlia, fluorescent, salmon, and sun. I bought dahlia once before, it's a beautiful color. My pic doesn't show the colors accurately. Stupid phone camera.

I am trying to get caught up with other stuff. The school Halloween carnival is coming up, so I'm collecting donations and selling raffle tickets, making the facebook event and flyers. The remodeling continues, and we should have sheetrock on the walls soon! (that's a whole other post, coming soon)

Anyone missing a skinny little sweetheart? He showed up on Monday and has made himself at home. Sawyer named him Brownie (he's grey, but whatever) and he's a lover.

We now have another cat. That's 4 if you're keeping track. He showed up last week, and he seems to like it here. He arrived the night before my son's birthday, and he thought it was his present! Sawyer named him Brownie and we are still asking around to see if he has a home.

September bee block

I spent this weekend cleaning, cooking, and I even did a little sewing. I got my September bee block stitched up and ready to mail. I cut out and sewed a top, but it's a little too small for me. I made the largest size in the pattern(12) but I knew it was going to be iffy. So I made it from some old calico-y fabric, and maybe I can redraw the pattern to fit me better. Someday.

I made two pies today, a pumpkin and a pecan. Every time I make a pie, I think, this is pretty easy, why don't I do this more often? 

Today was a good day. #mmm

This is why. If I make pie, I will eat pie. I don't even want to think about how many calories I consumed today. I'll just work extra hard at the gym tomorrow.


Jane @ Handiworking said...

Sounds busy over there. Sewing and baking ... yes, please. Love your block and Brownie's sweet face!

Michele said...

I resisted that charm swap but it wasn't easy. And in case any of your readers are interested, I'm hosting a Kate Spain charm swap and I have 6 spots still available. I look forward to the next swap you host.


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