Wednesday, November 13, 2013

modern maples

I look at quilts every day. Online, in magazines, instagram flickr pinterest and facebook, it's all quilts, all the time.  And occasionally I will print off a pattern that really strikes me.  then it sits on my desk upstairs, and ninety percent of the time that's where it stays.

Resistance is futile. #modernmaple
sunkissed by sweetwater

But sometimes, that design just won't get out of my head. And I find myself dreaming of the perfect fabrics from my stash. And then I have no choice but to pull fabrics for it, even if I have no business starting another project right now!!

I usually begin these kinds of projects with "well, I'll make one block, just to see if I like it." Then, "well, three blocks would be a cute table runner." You see where this is going, right?

Block 3 and calling it a night. #modernmaples
polka dots

So, last night, I put the kids and hubs to bed and disappeared upstairs for a bit. I made three modern maples blocks, and have fabrics lined up for several more. I need to do a little stash searching, I haven't yet chosen all 18 prints but I know that I will love this happy quilt when it's complete!

resistance is futile.

Block #2! #modernmaples
kaffe fassett star flower


Emily said...

I have the bug too! I pulled way more than 18 prints but they're all so awesome! Can't wait to see your interpretation.

Swedish Scrapper said...

I'm with you girl! And I don't need any more commitment either. By the way, have you seen Cloud 9 Fabrics' Turning Leaf quilt pattern(pinned on fresh modern quilting board)? Can't help but think what a cute couple MM and it would make ;) terrible....
Love your blocks so far!!!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

They are very cute!!


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