Monday, December 23, 2013


hello blog world!  My surgery went fine, and I am feeling pretty good.

(I had a Da Vinci hysterectomy, so if you want more information or have any questions for me, just drop me an email! I don't want to overshare on here but I'd be happy to speak privately with you.)

My friend Joy hosted her annual cookie exchange a few days after my surgery. It was my first outing after leaving the hospital, and totally worth it for the amazing cookies everyone brought this year! Since I quit playing Bunco a couple years ago, this is the only time I see some of these ladies, so it's nice to have an annual event to catch up with everyone. That's Joy in the Griswold shirt. She's awesome.

Franklin County's finest!
I made my grandma's peanut butter balls, but my favorites this year were Crystal's jam thumbprints, Emily's iced oatmeals, and Shauna's peppermint oreos.  (they are the three on the right in the pic below) I may have eaten all of them by myself. shh...don't tell.

The rest of the cookies were delicious, but those three were it for me. My kids loved the nutter butter reindeer and the melted snowmen!

Grasshopper cookies, earl grey tea cookies, more peanut butter balls, and in the top left, Molten Caramel Lava cookies.

Nine dozen cookies sounds like a lot, but they were all gone in a week! I took some to a friend, sent some to work with Troy, took 2 dozen to the preschool's Christmas program, and ate way more of them than I should have.

So if you're looking for some cookies to leave out for Santa tomorrow night, I can vouch for the ones I linked ;)

Merry Christmas you guys. Hoping you have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones!


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