Friday, December 6, 2013


wow, I didn't mean to disappear like that! Hopefully everyone had a wonderful holiday and is ready for the cold weather. I am not enjoying replacing the frozen water in the chicken coop several times a day. At least it's not snowing yet!

Guess we'll go out to eat. Those popcorn ceilings are coming down! The question of the day is - keep the paint color in the kitchen or try something new? (those orangey oak cabinets are getting a redo next year)

It's been a really weird week, because we are smack in the middle of the remodel and all six of us are living in our upstairs family room!

Our week long slumber party is almost over. Seriously wondering how my grandparents raised 14 kids in a small house!

I've learned that Troy snores, Alex talks in his sleep and Zach grinds his teeth. :)

Bedroom walls are up! Can't wait to paint and decorate!

The downstairs is looking great though, and they should be finished painting the ceilings today. Then I can start cleaning up - sheetrock dust is everywhere.  As always, I'd rather be sewing.

 Looks like they want donuts for breakfast!

our shelf elf Buddy is back, and he brought a girlfriend (thanks, grandma!) The kids named her Rosie because of her rosy cheeks. Sadly, my oldest daughter now knows that they aren't real, thanks to some non believers at school. She is having fun helping me plan the elf's activities, and so far hasn't inquired about Santa or the tooth fairy or the bunny. Yet.

Next week I'll be having surgery (a partial hysterectomy) so I will probably be MIA for a week or two. I'm ok - just taking care of some issues I was having, no cancer or anything, knock on wood! I will be participating in sewmamasew's giveaway day, so be sure to come back for that. 

Thanks for reading - I love seeing your comments and hope you enjoy your visits!


Cindy Sharp said...

Sounds cozy - the stuff that great family memories are made of.

Sara said...

Good luck with it all and hope everyone gets the rest they need in the meantime;)


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