Thursday, May 29, 2014


so, remember last year about this time, when we got a new kitten? fast forward a year, and Snowball (or Smudge or whatever the kids have changed her name to now) had her own litter of kittens!

I knew she was getting close, but was not expecting to come home from baseball practice one evening to a skinny cat. Yes, she had them, we still don't know where. I tried following her but never could find her hidey hole. She would disappear into the thick tangle of brush, trees, poison ivy and old metal behind our chicken coop. My husband and I both tromped through it more than once, trying to figure out where she was. Then we just gave up and waited.

Then about 2 weeks later, I noticed she'd been hanging around the garage for the last couple of days. I told Troy I was afraid she didn't have babies anymore :( Well she did, and she had moved them into the attic above our mudroom. Troy heard them and climbed up there, brought them down.

Only, two of them had fallen into the wall between the mudroom and kitchen. So we had no choice but to cut holes in the back of our cabinets and wall to rescue them! The mama then tried to move them back up there, so we got them down again and quarantined them in the mudroom. She has now settled down and seems very happy to be a mama. She purrs so loudly when she's with them. They are starting to explore a bit, and are super sweet. I am so glad she was ok, and that they are all healthy. 6 kittens, I still can't believe it!

My daughter is determined we are keeping them all (NOT going to happen) but I have already found homes for a couple, when the time comes. Two of them look like their daddy, Brownie - that's him above, 3 are orangey, and there is one little gray one. I'll be sharing them on instagram, so follow me for daily kitten pics!

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

On, how fun!!!! I love orange kitties. =)


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