Wednesday, June 11, 2014

preserving by the pint

I've been watching the garden seeds grow into little plants, it's very gratifying.

boston pickling cucumbers

The peas are slowly getting taller, and there are tiny peppers swelling on the plants. The lettuce the kids helped to plant is poking through and needs to be thinned!

lettuce sprouts
The corn is getting taller and the potatoes are flowering.

The idea that I'll be able to can some yummies from our garden fills me with excitement.

Maybe I'm alone in this, but in our family of six, I'm the only one who likes green bell peppers (or peppers of any kind, really) peas, green beans, the list goes on and includes pretty much all garden produce except corn on the cob and cantaloupe. So it makes no sense for me to can a gazillion jars of something like pepper & onion relish, because there's no way I can eat it all myself. Even with giving jars as gifts and taking some to potlucks, I still have leftovers. And after doing all that work, I really hate to waste any of it!

image found at

So when I saw this book, Preserving by the Pint, at the library the other day, I snatched it up and read it cover to cover. The author, Marisa McClellan, is the blogger behind food in jars, one of my favorite canning sites.  It's full of recipes that make use of small quantities of produce. Most recipes make 2 or 3 half pints, and that's ok with me!

I couldn't wait to try the honey-sweetened strawberry jam. Doesn't that sound amazing?!Well, it's every bit as good as you'd think. I like making jellies and jams but the amount of sugar in them is a little crazy, am I right? This one uses honey instead, and that gives it a richness that is super yummy. Delicious on biscuits! I also want to try it as a glaze for chicken, and throw that into a salad.

There's lots of jams, pickles, and sauces to try. I can't wait to make the Sweet Pear Caramel and the Spicy Apple Cider & Mustard Glaze. Even though I got this book at the library, I bought the kindle version to use in my kitchen all summer long!

So if you are anticipating summer produce like me, do yourself a favor and get your hands on this book.

If you purchase through my link, I receive a tiny percentage, so thanks! here's the link for the kindle version:

update - I've now tried 4 recipes from this book and they were all amazing! :)


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