Saturday, July 26, 2014

baby Bash's quilt

I finally finished that baby quilt I started awhile back. Jess Toye Quilts did the cool wood grain quilting on it, and I love it! I will be sending it off to my cousin's baby Sebastian this week, but I wanted to share it first.

I used a variety of prints in this one - Nordika for blocks and binding, linen texture in sunrise from Bluebird Park for blocks and back, Metro Living circles, Eclectic Elements dictionary print, a Cloud 9 leaf print - it was fun playing with all of these. I started with the tutorial at Moda bake shop for the Zig Zag baby quilt, but then I decided to rotate it and make them steps instead.

The backing is a fun #greatfabricdestash purchase - Michael Miller Zoology in grey. I loved this print when it came out and was happy to finally get to sew with it! I like how the backing is off center - a happy accident. I hope you won't mind the bit of aqua, Katie - it was just too cute not to use!

It's off to live with an adorable little man, and I hope he rolls around on it, gets it dirty and snuggles it up all the time. :)

linking up at SEWjo saturday!


memmens said...

Superb colours and lovely pattern. Love the back, a bit of wonkiness/unsymmetry is good for us sometimes!

Michele said...

Very cute and the backing is great for using up those not quite big enough bits.

Jennie said...

That's a lovely quilt!

Carol said...

I also love that woodgrain quilting pattern. Perfect for a boy quilt.

emily eric said...

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