Monday, July 14, 2014

luke and tula (and me!)

I have so much catching up to do here! School will start soon and, I hope, so will a regular schedule of blogging! Don't forget you can always check out my posts over at the Kansas City Star modern quilts blog, My Stars.  (From now on I think I will call it the KCSQ My Stars for short - that's a lot to type out!) I post over there every other Friday!

It's been such a crazy awesome summer! Even though I haven't spent much time in my sewing nook, I have had the chance to meet some fabulous quilters. A month ago, I went with Denise and Jan from KCMQG to St. Joseph MO for the Luke Haynes/Tula Pink exhibit Pattern : Repeat.

We went for the artist's reception, and that meant we got to hang out with Luke and Tula and their fabulous quilts!

Even better, she invited us to her house afterwards for pizza and beer. She recently moved into a renovated barn, and it was amazing. Such a fantastic quirky place. I didn't take pictures, as she had some of her next fabric line on display (eep!) and asked us not to. But here's an instagram shot of the cool table she painted! You can't see me in it but that's my beer, haha!

I got to visit with Carl Hentsch, who has a new book coming out soon with KCSQ. He's also teaching a class at Harper's this weekend. And I met David of Quilting by David and Jill of the Quilt Mistress. It was so cool being around a bunch of quilters. I haven't made it to any guild meetings all year, and miss the company!

I have lots more to share but the kids are restless. I'll try to post again later! :)

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Sara said...

Wow that is soo cool Tammie! I think I may have seen the pic of everyone in the barn on IG! What a great time!


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