Tuesday, July 15, 2014

summer ball

wow! It's already the middle of July! How's everyone's summer going? Mine has been more about family than crafting, so bear with me a minute...

We wrapped up a long season of kids ball and I'm sad to see it end. The kids have amazed me with their improvement and skill this season.

Kansas Rage

Alex played on two teams, a rec league and a 9U tournament team.

Greeley Grey

He's worked his butt off, practicing every day, and for a little guy can throw the ball crazy hard and far. As one of the youngest on the tourney team he spent some time on the bench, but moved up to 2nd batter with his consistent hitting. He's done a great job as catcher on his rec team. He even pitched a game the other night! Not bad for my 8 year old!

Emma was in her 2nd year of 10U softball. She spent time at both short stop and 3rd. Next year she's hoping to pitch a little. They took 1st at their tournament! It was super hot, I spent the day circling a tree to stay in the shade :) Those girls did it without complaining and with smiles on their faces. So much fun to watch!

Zach was in his first year of coach pitch, and he's gone from twirling in the dirt to hitting the ball and made two awesome catches at 3rd base. He learned to slide too, and of course now he does it even when he doesn't need to!

Like I said, I am super proud of them. I've never considered myself athletic - but I think that I was just a lazy kid who would rather read than sweat, lol. But watching them makes me wish I had played more sports. If you're a parent, please encourage your kids to give it a try. There was a girl on Emma's team who had never played before, but she worked hard at practice and never got discouraged or embarrassed. She ended up with 3 RBIs in that tournament!

Troy coaching Emma at 3rd
So, I guess now I will head back into my sewing nook. It's been a little neglected this summer! My husband helped coach all four teams, so it will be nice to have him around the house again :) Next year - 4 kids playing (Sawyer will start t-ball), 4+ teams - not sure how we'll make it work but it'll be a lot of fun!

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