Thursday, August 7, 2014

i'm kind of a big deal.

Guess who has two thumbs and her quilts hanging in an art gallery right now?! yep. me.

OK, it sounds way cooler than it is. Our local library/art museum has a community gallery and awhile back, I was contacted by them asking about sharing some of my quilts. So I gathered up some of my finished quilts and hung them up for all to criticize enjoy.

It feels weird to let them out of my hands for so long - they will be on display through the end of September. Even weirder, they did this:

I predict there will be some disappointed art fans who come to the gallery expecting oil paintings on Second Saturday.

Next week we are adding a special display of the pillowcases my students made in class. They are showing at the fair right now, but then they will hang, clothesline style, for everyone to enjoy.


KathleenD said...

Congratulations on your work being featured at the local library!!! I bet your quilts will inspire someone else to try their hand at this beautiful, yet practical art!

Aoife said...

Congratulations! That's totally cool :) Seeing a display in my new local library is how I found a new guild to go to when we moved this year, so you never know what you'll inadvertently inspire with this!

Michele said...

I think that is great.

Sara said...

Congrats Tammie!! That is pretty special to be featured in writing and all too!


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