Friday, August 22, 2014

Laminate Pencil Cases

Today's guest is a new blog friend of mine! 
Here's Donna with a great pencil case tutorial!

Laminated Pencil Cases (In two sizes)
Finished Size 11.5 x 4.5 inches and 7.5 x 4.5 inches

This project takes about one hour each to complete.  Just before starting to sew, I changed zipper colors on the small case.  I decided I liked the yellow zipper better than the navy, and then decided I wanted to try a longer pencil case as well with the white zipper. 
 Materials needed:

One piece of laminate fabric for each case
One zipper 14 inches (at least) for each case
One laminate measure tape (you will cut approximately 6 inches of the tape for the pencil case handle)  I received this one free.  You can use ribbon instead if you prefer not to cut up you measure tape.
Time needed:
Approximately one hour sewing time for each.

Cut your laminate fabric 8 inches by 8 1/2 inches (for the small case) and 12" by 9 1/2" (for the longer case).  Other than size differences, the directions are the same.
On the right side of the laminate, lay your zipper down with right sides together along the longer length measurement.  Leave excess zipper on both sides, which will eventually be cut off.  Sew with a zipper foot fairly close to the zipper's plastic teeth. 
Fold back laminate and stitch down through laminate and zipper, be sure to sew through the zipper's tape.  Then repeat prior step above and this step for the other side of the zipper.  I used a Teflon sewing machine foot, and as my machine has a built in walking foot sewing over the laminate was very easy. 
Pull zipper down half-way, center bottom of case with zipper teeth the center line, stitch 1/4 inch across bottom of case.  Be sure to double up on stitching over the zipper. Trim off zipper even with seam edge.
Trim off 6 inches of the laminate measure tape for the case handle.  Fold tape in half ready to insert into top of pencil case.  
Center top of zipper and case and insert tape measure handle with folded edge inside the case, and raw ends that will be sewn into the seam.  Sew 1/4 inch seam, and be sure to sew top of zipper and ends of handle again about 1/8 inch from edge to secure.  Trim off excess zipper top even with seam allowance. 
Now all you have to do is turn your case right side out! Make sure corners are completely turned out. 

Thanks so much Donna for your post! I love the measuring tape tags - and I saw that they have a variety of colors like aqua, fuchsia, and lime green for 99 cents at JoAnns right now! 

Hope you've been enjoying this week of back to school posts. We have one more guest to finish up the week, so check back later today for another awesome tutorial!

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