Friday, December 5, 2014

hello there!

Just stopping in to say hi! We had a great Thanksgiving with family. I've been doing a bunch of baking. Emma helped me to make a pumpkin pie, her first pie!! I also made a pecan pie, which doesn't use corn syrup. I liked it, although the top puffs up and crusts. Sorry, no pics, I forgot to take any! But Troy prefers the original style pecan pie best. Pumpkin bread, fudge, no bakes, dump cake - I've been eating them all. lol. I made lemon jumble cookies from the All American Cookie Book, as a trial for a cookie exchange that's coming up. I liked them but they weren't a big hit at Thanksgiving. I am going to try cinnamon roll cookies tomorrow.

so much has been going on. This past week my husband was on vacation. His cousin John helped him trench in a new water line, and they added a line to my chicken coop! We'll be able to use that faucet for the chickens (and goats, soon) and the fruit trees. That is so exciting to me, which shows that it doesn't take much to make me happy. lol! Plus since we are back to hauling water in, it will be great to have the water system fixed.

**If you're new here, we live in the country and there is no rural water on our road. We have to truck in water!! Seriously, can you say hillbillies? So, we put in a well that pulls water from our lake and brings it to a water treatment system. Only the line broke in the field, so we've been trenching in a new line. I'd rather spend that money on quilts, but what do you do ;)

Our beat up old truck finally died, so Troy got an early Christmas present, a new (old) truck. I never drove the old one, it was unpredictable and always acted up for me. So to have a truck I can haul things in, like wood or furniture, is also exciting! I want to build a box for the living room to store our quilts and blankets in, and I am hoping to put a counter top in the laundry room soon.  And it will be great for 4H and the fair next year. The kids are hoping to join 4H soon, and we're trying to figure out how to fit it in the schedule.

during the process - that was one big window!
I can't remember if I shared this, but Troy also replaced the broken bay window in the living room with two regular windows. I love that I can open them, and that they don't have the grid - it makes the view so much prettier. We've been scouting for deer from the house, they like to walk across the field below.  I made new curtains too! I'll post pics soon :)

Amidst all that, I have been cleaning closets and sorting stuff and trying to get more organized. We are having family come for Christmas so I've been trying to spruce up a bit. Things like finally getting closet doors for the boys' rooms, that we remodeled a year ago.

our sleeping cave

Remember this? Last Christmas, the downstairs was a mess and we were having the popcorn ceiling scraped and sleeping in our upstairs family room. And trying to remember to move the elves each night without waking anyone! whew, glad that's over.

I hope to have some "reveal" pictures soon. I can't believe we're that close to finishing some projects! We're never done with any home improvement, or at least that's how it feels. Of course there's still painting - there's always painting - but it's looking good!

I've been getting lots of packages for the DS charm swap, and I think I'm just waiting on one more before I can start the sorting. Denyse donated a box of scraps for the swap, so I've been chopping them up into extra charms for everyone :)

We have a lot of family stuff going on this weekend, but I'm hoping to get some sewing machine time in the morning! Troy's planning to go hunting and I should have a couple hours to play with my fabrics. How about you? Have you been busy stitching up gifts for your loved ones?

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barbara woods said...

i tried the Trista Yearwood reciepe
For pecan pie and hubby didn't like it because the crust came over the pecans


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