Tuesday, January 20, 2015

scrap bin for the win!

Have you heard about the Quiltmaker Bitty Blocks? Each month in 2015, they'll be offering a free block pattern to make little 3 or 4 inch blocks!

The block pattern for January makes tiny little bow ties. They are 3.5" unfinished. I have never really liked this traditional bow tie block, (not sure why!) But there's something so cute about them in this size!

I decided I could only start this if I made it a scrap buster project! So I dug around in my scrap drawers looking for (mostly) monochromatic pieces. I already had some pulled from my map project last week, but I found a few others and whipped these out in no time. I will continue making them this month, until I have enough for a row.

I know it's kind of boring, but I decided to stick with white for the background.  Low volume could be fun, or what about a polka dot, or another solid color? I decided though that white was my best bet in making sure all of my scraps could play well together. It's my favorite :)

ooh, these could be addicting!
They'll be giving more ideas, tips, and instructions on making these little blocks as the months progress, so be sure to follow along at their blog, Quilty Pleasures. And use the hashtag #qmbittyblocks and share your blocks on instagram, facebook,etc!

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