Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spring Break Sewing!

I am excited to have another kids class coming up! The pillowcase classes we did last summer were a lot of fun, and I have had several people ask when we'll do another one. It is hard to find (free) space and enough machines to allow us to have very many children in a class. (And I don't like to charge a fee, figuring that the kids already have to buy their fabric.)

We are going to make drawstring backpacks, and I am still working out the details (also known as experimenting on my own kids!) I have to make sure they can complete the project in 3 hours or less, and that the instructions are pretty simple to follow. And decide if I want to tackle grommets with these kiddos, or opt for simple tabs. That is today's task, after I go to work for a bit. We've got a school group coming in to choose fabrics for their class. I get to take my son Sawyer along, just another reason why I love my (very part time) job!

It kind of makes me laugh that I cut off my star points in my sign. Not that I EVER do that in my quilt blocks! haha!

If you're local, call right away to reserve your child's spot. I checked on Friday and the class only had 3 spots left! Happy sewing!

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