Tuesday, August 11, 2015

DIY Planked Ceiling

Today I wanted to share a super easy (and pretty cheap!) home improvement project!

Wood planked ceilings are a great look - and for us, an economical solution to broken sheetrock.

the lovely before on the left - in progress on the right! much better, eh?
My husband was working in the attic crawl space above our mudroom when his foot slipped off a beam and onto the sheetrock below, cracking the seam. Thank goodness he didn't come crashing through! But in all honesty, the ceiling didn't look great before that happened. He had tried to finish the ceiling himself when we added the mudroom, and the seams were visible. After browsing lots of pinterest posts and blogs, we decided to try planking it ourselves.

We bought our planks at Menard's, but I found them at Lowe's and Home Depot too. Just be prepared to buy extra packages! Each pack had at least one board that was unusable due to knots or splits in the wood. We tried to sort them out in the store, inspecting the edges of the packs, but since they are bundled together and wrapped in plastic it's kind of a crap shoot. We ended up making a second trip to get a few more packs. I had figured for two extra but we were pretty choosy in which ones made the cut.  If you're planning to paint them, you can fill in some of those imperfections with caulk and I think you'd be fine.

getting started
Troy and I started out one Saturday morning, and we'd hold the board in place, use the nail gun along one side, pass the gun over and finish the other side. We were nailing into support beams, which we marked before we started. Both of us up on ladders meant we made great time. We were able to get a third of it up in an hour or so, which was all the time we had that weekend. The next weekend we tried to work on it, but I was having trouble holding the boards up and nailing them in. So it went a lot slower, as Troy had to nail up one side, then trade me places and finish the other side. It was frustrating and ended with the air hose getting pinched and springing a leak. So we called it quits after another third was up.

Troy was able to finish the last of it with help from our 9 year old, and it looks awesome! And fun that AJ got to be involved. I hadn't considered that the kids were getting old enough to tackle small projects with us - it opens up a whole new world of DIY for me :) can you say child labor?! lol

Next step - cutting in new lights! We decided to use smaller 4 inch recessed LEDs instead of the six inch we had before. Then, white paint. Although several people have told me they would just clear coat it, I think I want it white.

We used some of our leftover boards to plank half the wall behind the wood stove - it takes a beating from firewood stacked there. I'm a little torn about whether to paint it all white, or if I should do a darker color that won't show the soot and dirt so much. That project is on hold until school starts and I have some uninterrupted time to knock it out!

Speaking of - school starts next week! Hooray! My kids and I are all ready for the new school year to begin. Sawyer gets to ride the school bus this year, and the others are excited to see their friends. I am looking forward to some quiet time in the afternoons.


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