Sunday, September 27, 2015

hello, fall!

whew. school started. and just like that, every day has been a whirlwind! The kids are keeping me hopping with all of their activities and homework.

There's some of this going on:

That's our #66, playing Quarterback and Safety this year! I love watching him play!

There's also a little of this happening too:

I love that she decided to cheer this year! I don't usually tell people this, but I cheered in high school (and junior college!) so I've been showing her a few things that she just rolls her eyes at. I think she's really just doing it for the pom poms! She looked so cute out there! They are doing some basic stunts and she's a flyer, which she really likes. She has also started playing the flute and the piano, so there's a lot of new sounds happening in the house!

Our littlest one turned 5 the first week of school, and so I made some minion pudding cups for his preschool treat. Super easy, and I had fun drawing on different faces :) You could use lemon pudding for true yellow minions, but out of my 4 kids, only one likes lemon. So I played it safe with vanilla. I heard they were a hit!

The older two also got to go to their first concert last night! Cornstock is an annual event, and last night they had a lawn chair country show with Rodney Atkins, Randy Rogers Band, and Travis Marvin. Troy took them and I stayed home with the younger two, who aren't all that interested in sitting still.

I started a quilt for a shop sample at work last week, just have to finish the sashing. It was so much fun to get to sew - at work - while getting paid to do it! Pinch me! I love my job. Especially because they are a new Brother dealer and I got play with one of the fancy new machines! They are getting a Dream Frame for the shop, and I am so excited to try it out! More on that later.

And I completed another quilt top - but I can't share it yet! I was testing a pattern for a friend, and I can't wait to show it off. But wait I must. The pattern comes out later this year, and of course I'll let you know!

How about you?! What have you been up to? Any big fall plans!? I have to do some baking for the church bazaar next weekend, and I'm thinking pies. mmm, pie....

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Catherine1216 said...

What a sweet mom you are to make the pudding cups so cute. It's all in presentation.


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