Thursday, November 5, 2015

When woods begin to wear the crimson leaf...*

Here we are, we made it through October! Every year that month gets busier, I don't understand how that's even possible. Still, it's my favorite month of the year!

Our son Zach turned 8 years old. He's grown so much this year, gained 10 pounds and 2 inches :) Sometimes it's hard to remember that he's still pretty young, he looks like the older kids (but acts like he's 5 lol) Loves playing with toys, reading joke books, and watching silly videos. He's definitely my reader, he's been tearing through the Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Stink, and I Survived series.

I made him Minion cupcakes for his class.

He loved his Halloween costume this year, he and our 5 year old Sawyer made a perfect pair.

Our daughter Emma Jane turned 11. She's also gained almost 10 pounds and 2 inches this year! She finally outgrew some of her clothes! She got glasses this year, began playing the flute and taking piano lessons, and is just all around a sweet girl. Sadly, she has no interest in books. But she's an excellent artist and I think she'll be our band geek :)

I still feel bad because her birthday fell on one of those crazy days where we couldn't really celebrate it. We had the Halloween Carnival at her school that night, and I was busy with that all day. They also had a field trip so she didn't get to do classroom treats either. ( I brought in cupcakes the following Monday)

On the plus side, she did get to dress up in her Halloween costume! (Doing her makeup was fun too) I took her shopping the next morning so we could get in some girl time.

Can't forget AJ - he wanted to be Rambo so we threw together an outfit. We ended cutting more off the wig later but this was a last minute costume, so I was happy people knew who he was supposed to be :)

Troy and I went to his sister's annual costume party - and my annual "making of the costumes the day of the party". Next year, I will be more prepared. (Yeah, right!) I freezer paper stenciled the shirts and made the "masks" out of foam board. Only I forgot to put in eye holes. So we only wore them for pictures. We were Terrance and Philip from South Park.

We had lots of parties this month! My MIL is turning 70 so we threw a surprise party for her. It was a big potluck and perfect weather. She had no idea, which was even better! We are heading to Nashville soon to party for real though. Can't wait! Last year was so much fun!

Our church had their fall Bazaar and I made two pies for it. A pecan and a sour cream apple. They looked so delicious I had to make some for us the next day. Troy worked the bingo table and the eldest two kids scraped plates. Love those church lunches, the food is always so amazing.

I also had a birthday, year 42. Pretty low key, we ate out at our favorite mexican place, my MIL made me a coconut cream pie, and then I spent the next day doing this:

Do I know how to party or what?! Troy and I blew a truck load of insulation into the attic crawl space, and we're really hoping to be a lot warmer this winter. I was in charge of shoving bricks of insulation into the machine, and spent the time in between bricks cleaning out my flower beds. We have been really lucky with the weather this fall - my kids are still going to school in shorts!

So between football, cheerleading, after school choir, the Battle of the Books (I'm volunteering), helping at school with Pumpkin Day and Halloween carnival and classroom festivities, the Royals and the World Series (WAHOO!!), CCD, the church bazaar, music lessons, and the kids' homework (which frankly, I don't understand any of the 5th grade math), there's been little to no free time for this mama. Whew. Like I said, we made it!

* from October - poem by William Cullen Bryant


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