Monday, March 21, 2016

spring break 2016 in the books

I blinked and just like that, spring break was over. While we didn't do much of anything, we kept busy and enjoyed having a week off from school!

Emma had two school friends come over for a sewing class on Monday. They did such a good job, and each made a pillowcase. They found some cute fabrics at Hobby Lobby, check out the cute peacock fabric! (Their family has peacocks so it was perfect!) I really love teaching kiddos how to sew.

The weather at the beginning of the week was gorgeous, and the kids got to do some fishing down at the lake. Sawyer caught his first fish, and it was a keeper!

Alex caught a bass the next day and wanted to try cleaning it himself. I'm still uncomfortable with that, but he did a good job. He'll get better with practice :) I did stipulate that any fish caught under my supervision get thrown back from now on! Cleaning fish is Daddy's job, not mine :)

We did some shopping, watched lots of movies, and had family pictures taken, which wasn't as painful as I expected...

had wrestling, baseball and soccer practices, piano lessons, and then spent Saturday watching Zach and AJ at District wrestling. Proud to say they both took 3rd and are headed to State this Friday! We'll see if AJ can defend his State title - he's looking at some tough competition, he'll have to really fight for it. I'm so proud of Zach for making it there, he works so hard and he's only 8!

Needless to say, it's been busy around here! I've been working on a few things but nothing to share yet. Today is my "put the house back in order after spring break" day so I'll be buried in laundry, cleaning bathrooms and floors for the rest of the afternoon. Then we're off to piano/soccer/wrestling practice after school. I really could use one of those self driving cars...

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