Saturday, August 27, 2016

hello my friends!

Whether I want to admit it or not, summer has ended and my kids started back to school last week. I have an empty house for the first time in almost 12 years! It's definitely bittersweet, and I've had a few short teary moments. But I am excited for the next stage of our life to begin.

Things that we've done this summer:

Baseball, softball, wrestling. The kids all did well this summer in ball, AJ's team placed third at state, Zach got to pitch for the first time, and Emma made the All-Star team.

Now moving into fall ball, cheerleading, football, and of course, wrestling. All sports, all the time!

We did a few day trips, took the kids to Worlds of Fun. Spent a day in Lawrence visiting KU's Natural History Museum, bowling, and dinner on Mass. street. A lot of swimming and cousin time. This was my favorite summer yet!

2nd place at the Anderson County Fair Pie Baking Contest! Emma wanted to help this time, so I made the crust and she did the filling. This year we entered a pecan pie. We used this recipe from King Arthur Flour. We left out the butternut extract and I think only used 1 tsp. of vinegar, I was a little nervous about that addition. We added a few extra pecans too.

We made two pies, since it was a new to me recipe and I wanted to test it. I loved the taste, really buttery and delicious. The people who bought the pie in the auction (for $60!) are neighbors of a friend, and told her it was the best pie she'd had in her life! She would like me to make another for them. And a coworker of Troy's has requested one as well. Get your orders in early for the holidays, I may do a weekend bake shop! ;)

The only completed sewing lately has been some corn hole bags to replace the ones raccoons found and ate. Yes, seriously. The kids left them on the porch and coons demolished them! I also made two sets for friends. They aren't hard to make but not my favorite thing to work on. I've been working this week on a quilt top, ran out of the background and now I'm just waiting on fabric to come in the mail. Hoping for a quick finish next week.

I'm trying to wrap up some honey dos around the house because I have applied for my substitute teaching license! I'm hoping to work a lot, but it will still allow me to be flexible in case of sick kids or doctor appts.

I have also been trying to figure out ways to cut my grocery bills down. The older boys have great appetites and my leftovers aren't stretching like they used to! I am writing a separate post on that, hopefully it will be up later today. I have some good ideas to share :)

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