Saturday, August 27, 2016

money saving apps

I've been trying to cut down on our grocery bills. Buying for a family of six is expensive and we consume a lot, more each day it seems. This is a very wordy post with no pictures, so bear with me!

Because we live 20 miles from Wallyworld, I make one trip to town a week. We have a small grocery store in the town just south of us (still a 22 mile round trip), but things cost more there. So I stop in for produce and meat, but I try to do the bulk of my shopping in the city when possible.
So here's a list of apps and websites I use to save a little jingle for my pocket!

If you decide to try any of these out, please use my invite codes to join, because I might earn bonus points, cash rewards or credits! Thanks in advance!


My favorite shopping app! This is an app you can use to get rebates for purchasing items. You buy something, and then scan the UPC and your receipt, and they add the amount to your account. Once you've earned $20 or more, you can redeem it for gift cards or have it deposited into your paypal account (that's what I do). So far I have redeemed $111.80! (I need to look into if I am paying any fees using the paypal option, anyone know?)

invite code: lerrmit gets you $10 when you sign up and redeem your first rebate!

It's not exactly like a coupon, because you have to pay for the item in full and get "reimbursed" later. And I will admit, the first couple of weeks using it, I got burned a few times. Either I'd forget to scan the items until I'd already put the groceries away - doh!, or I didn't read it right and bought one item when I needed to buy two. You only have a week or so to submit a receipt so it's best to do it right away so you don't forget. You can scan the items in store to see if they are the correct ones - for example, it may be for only one specific flavor of gum. And if you don't redeem an offer for 12 consecutive months, you are considered inactive and they can charge you $3.99 a month from your balance. So, don't do that. :)

There are ways to double up on these rebates. Some rebates are generic, any brand rebates. They often have these for shredded cheese, or one gallon of milk, or breakfast cereal. So if there's a rebate for 50 cents off Post cereal and a rebate for 25 cents off any brand cereal, you can redeem both on a single box. They sometimes have additional rebates, like redeem rebates on both Hungry Jack pancake mix and Hungry Jack syrup and get another 50 cents off. So it pays to do some looking ahead of your shopping trip to see how you can maximize your rebates.

Another thing to note is that the rebates are different from store to store. So you start by selecting the store you plan to shop at, and unlock the rebates for that place. So I will do that for Costco, Target, Price Chopper and Walmart. Then I can plan my shopping list around who has what on sale that week. You can use manufacturer's coupons and store sales as well, so you can really save some money off things you were probably buying anyways!

To unlock rebates, there are ads or other things to look at. You may have to answer a multiple choice question or survey. Or watch a short video ad. (I play them while I am doing other things, like folding laundry, and don't actually watch them) Sometimes there's a recipe. 

If your store uses a loyalty card, like Price Chopper, you get to skip scanning the receipts because it automatically does it for you! Love that, I wish it worked that way for the rest of them!

One more thing about Ibotta. You have a "team", which in my case is facebook  friends who are also using Ibotta. There are bonuses each month that you can earn as your team redeems rebates. If you refer someone to Ibotta, they can earn $10 on their first rebate and you earn $5! So there's a good incentive to sign up, right? So far I am the only one on my "team" who is actively racking up money. But every little bit helps, even 50 cents off milk.

***As always, read the fine print and be aware that nobody gives things away for free. They are collecting market research on your purchasing habits. If the idea of someone seeing your receipts makes you uncomfortable, then maybe this isn't for you!***

Checkout 51:

Similar to Ibotta, I have this rebate app on my phone but honestly don't use it as much. Offers update on Thursdays. It does have rebates for alcohol, but I don't buy booze at the grocery store (Kansas, ugh). They also have offers for pet food. I need to spend a little time with this one and figure out how to use it best. I've only earned a dollar there :)

Target Cartwheel:

A Target specific app. It gives you a percent off certain items, anywhere from 5% to 50%. I load my offers up whenever I am going to be shopping there. You can double it up with Ibotta as well. And if you use a Target Redcard, you get another 5% off your purchase.

Walmart Savings Catcher:

This app allows you to scan your Walmart receipts, and they will credit you if another store has a lower price on something you bought. The savings is given back as Walmart credit. It's quick and easy to do. I have earned about $7 so far.


I used to have a real love affair with Amazon. I've been frustrated with the changes in the free shipping though. We're considering dropping our Prime account. When the kids were younger, I used their "subscribe and save" for diapers, which was amazing, cheapest prices and delivered to my door. I have used Prime Pantry several times, and on one order, the crackers arrived smashed (they were packaged in the same box as shampoo and laundry softener, so...) but reporting it was easy and a replacement box was promptly shipped to me. Sometimes they have free samples you can add to your box. Watch for free shipping promos.


I have the cheapest membership ($55/year). You can buy an Executive membership for $110 and get a 2% (of amount spent in store) rebate once a year. I have done that, but it was a wash for me, I made back the extra expense but barely. (If you spend more than $230 a month at Costco, you could probably benefit from this.) If you get their Citi Costco card, you can get 2% back on all Costco purchases, as well as other benefits. I hit them up once a month for the monthly sale items, and I love shopping for things I can have shipped (for free!) like sunscreen, shampoo, or clothes. Things I always buy at Costco - milk, butter, bacon, dinner rolls, bottled lemon juice, red potatoes, and bottled water. Their cookie trays are delish too if you need 6 dozen for an event. And I fill up my van while I'm there, gas is usually a few cents cheaper.

And finally, my newest favorite shopping site.


This is similar to Costco, warehouse sizes shipped to your home, only with no membership fee. I have ordered from them a couple times now, and I try to place an order whenever they are having a special. Currently, they are teamed up with Ibotta, so if I go through the Ibotta app and make a purchase on Boxed, I get 3% back in my Ibotta account! Pair that up with a code for free shipping, or search their site for "giveaway". Right now that's a free roll of toilet paper. Last time was a free box of Frosted Mini Wheats or Apple Jacks. If you place a $75 or more order, you get free shipping. There is a $20 minimum order to check out. And you get 1% of your order in cash rewards to use on a future purchase. Most purchases arrive within a few days.

invite code: W4N37 gets you $15 off your first $60 order!

(If you're already a member, use promo code bulk4school for 10% off a $50+ order.)

So those are a few things I use to save a little money. If there are any others I should be using, please let me know in the comments! I'd love to hear your strategies!

PS - Part of me struggles with the idea of shopping online. I love the convenience of it. I think my mail carrier/UPS drivers hate me. It saves me so much time, not just in the actual shopping but in the drive time to get to stores, which translates into more savings on gas and tires and miles on the van. So I know it's a good thing for us. But I feel guilty with the excess packaging that is involved...


lalaluu said...

Target also gives you 5 cents for every reusable bag that is used to bag your stuff! If you have 5 bags each trip and you make 2 trips a month, that's 50 cents. Over a year, you get back $6. Plus you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you're helping out the environment by not using plastic bags - that's priceless! I also use Ibotta. Wallyworld has a image at the bottom of the receipt that you scan after verifying your purchases. It's so much easier than scanning the whole receipt, which you have to do for Kroger and other grocery stores! I also use Cartwheel. It usually has some nice discounts (usually 5-15%) on Target's Market Pantry and Archer Farms items. You know you want to get that snack mix at a discount!

craftytammie said...

I forgot about the bag discount! Every bit helps! :)

The Joyful Quilter said...

I got burned by Ibotta, too. LOVE the Walmart Savings Catcher!! I earned over $100 in the year I've been signed up. Looking forward to a FREE shopping trip soon!

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